Welcome to Jayne Lyons Website

Hi there. I’m Jayne Lyons and welcome to all of you who have found your way onto my website! If you’re just here by accident, why not explore a bit and learn about me and Freddy Lupin – the World’s Most Unusual Werewolf. Freddy stars in my series about him and his exciting adventures – 100% Wolf, 100% Hero and coming soon – 100% Doggie.

And I’m really excited to introduce 100% Wolf – the movie coming out in 2020 . Check out the page to see some of the great characters. There will also be an TV Series following Freddy’s adventures.

I’m also thrilled to tell you about my new book Z for Zanto – it’s a great (and a bit scary) adventure of Zanto the zombie who dreams of playing football. Even Zombies can dream…

If you want to email me – the details are in the Contact Page

Happy reading!